Terms, Conditions & Return Policy

All furniture sales online are custom orders and non-refundable.

The customer is responsible for any and all necessary permits required by the state, county, or city. To obtain permit information, you may contact your city, county, or state offices. Buyer is also responsible for any housing development restrictions or regulations that may apply. We urge buyers to purchase necessary permits.

Purchase price includes free delivery (one trip only) and set-up within 50 miles of HOUSE OF STARS’ sales lot. Additional miles will be billed to the customer at $5.00 per mile for buildings for one-way distance.

Buyer is responsible for having all obstacles clear of the building placement site – including the cutting of trees, moving of power lines, fences, or anything that would be a problem in the delivery process. Although being as careful as possible in the buyer’s yard, we will occasionally lose traction (spin) and make some tracks in the yard. We are not responsible for repair to yards.

Buyer must be present at delivery site to direct and approve placement of building. Once the building is placed, blocked, and leveled, our delivery commitment ends; any additional moves required will be at the customer’s expense. Delivery of buildings must be pre-arranged with operations manager. State transportation regulations will not permit deliveries on Sundays or holidays, during inclement weather or after dark.

Additional blocks and labor charges will be incurred if building is more than 24 inches off the ground. We recommend all buildings that require blocking higher that 24” be secured with an anchoring system at an additional cost. Although recommended, clients who choose not to anchor a building that is more than 24” off the ground will not be covered by warranty.

Special orders require a 30% deposit prior to ordering. Customer will have the option to approve their building prior to delivery.

Storage buildings are warranted for 3 years against any defect that is due to poor workmanship or inferior building materials. The roof is warranted against leakage. These conditions do not apply when building has been subjected to abuse or any act of God. Storage buildings that are not stained or painted must be stained or painted within 90 days from the time of delivery in order to be covered under warranty.

Free delivery is limited to sites with clear access that allow us to place the building using only the House of Stars trailer and truck. Typically, at least two feet wider than the building width is required for a straight entry delivery. Building sites with obstacles such as trees, fences, sharp turns, angled placement, steep driveways, and hills, drainage ditches, landscaping, overhanging wires or tree limbs require additional labor and equipment. Delivery situations such as, but not limited to these will incur additional fees.

House of Stars is a certified dealer for Steel Buildings and Structures, Inc. located in Mount Airy NC. Your purchase agreement is made by and with Steel Buildings and Structures, Inc.

Once the contract is signed and down payment is made, Steel Buildings and Structures will contact the customer 1-5 days before installation. Typically, this call is made within 3 to 4 weeks of signing, however weather delays can significantly impact this lead time.

The customer is responsible for making certain that the installation site is level for all surfaces, including installation on the ground. The site must be level, otherwise the building may be installed “as is” and any and all warranties will be void.

The customer is responsible for all permits, site plans, and any other approvals before construction begins.

The installation site must be clear of obstructions.

Should a building permit be required, the buyer must purchase a certified unit and is responsible for obtaining all permits.

Certified units are available in fourteen and twelve gauge. Certified units are built according to engineer specifications and engineer blueprint/drawings.

All units are secured with anchors that pass through the base rail of the frame and into the ground (concrete, asphalt, etc.) The buyer is responsible for informing the installation contractors of any underground cables, gas lines, utility hazards, or relevant matters prior to the beginning of installation.

The buyer is solely responsible for obtaining any and all necessary city, county, or state permits prior to beginning installation.

The customer pays a down payment to House of Stars based on the retail price after any discounts and before tax at contract signing. The remaining balance is due at installation. Payment may be made by check or money order made to Steel Buildings and Structures and given to the crew, or to pay the balance by credit card, contact the Steel Buildings and Structures office. Handling fees for credit card payments to Steel Buildings and Structures may apply.

Service charges of not less than 12% apply if installers cannot install the unit initially, and the unit must be reshipped due to customer error, unlevel installation site, concrete pad out of square, etc.

All units carry a 365-day workmanship warranty. Any issues should be reported to Steel Buildings and Structures Customer Service at 877-272-8276 as soon as discovered.

Customers will be required to pay half of the retail balance on any unit $15,000 and greater prior to the unit being manufactured.

Warranty information and pricing details specific to your building is detailed on your contract provided at signing with down payment by House of Stars.