Carports, RV Covers, Metal Buildings FAQ

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Yes, the ground needs to be as level as possible to ensure that the installation is the best it can be. The quality of the installation site will be directly reflected in the unit.

4’ braces are required when the leg height is 8’ or taller on buildings that are not fully enclosed. They are included at no charge in all units 8’ tall and taller.

Certified units have been designed by a professional engineer to meet or exceed the International Buildings Code standards for your geographical area.

No, you can choose a different color top, trim, sides, and ends at no additional charge from our standard 16 color choices.

Yes, all our designs are customizable. You can add windows, barrel garage doors, personnel access doors, lean-tos, and openings as per your requirements. In addition, your selection of windows and doors is not limited to those sold by SBS, most any window or door can be installed in our units, thus allowing you to match your building’s windows and doors to those currently installed in your home. House of Stars contracts with professionals to add motorized overhead garage doors to your building.

Under most circumstances, a building permit is required. It is each customer’s responsibility to apply for all necessary building permits and make sure that the planned building complies with applicable building codes. Each local municipality has their own building codes, so you must check with them to see what the specific requirements are.

The lower the gauge, the thicker and stronger the material. The industry standard is 14-gauge, measuring 2½" x 2½" in diameter. The 12-gauge framing is 2¼ " x 2¼" in diameter and is thirty percent stronger than the 14-qauge. We recommend the 12-gauge steel for areas with heavy snow and high winds, as well as carports 10’ and taller.

House of Stars offers turn-key services and contracts with locally owned, licensed professionals who will assess your site and provide your concrete needs.  All workmanship is 100% guaranteed.