Storage Building FAQs

Roof: 2X4 studs on 16” centers

Shingles: Architectural, self-sealing in a choice of colors

Walls: Built with quality LP products including Smart Panel and Trim with 2 X 4 studded walls on 16” centers

Flooring: 8-foot wide use: 4X4 pressure-treated skids with 2X4 or 2X6 pressure-treated floor joists, 5/8” or ¾” plywood

10-foot wide, 12-foot wide, and 14-foot wide use: 4X6 or 4X4 pressure-treated skids with 2X6 pressure-treated floor joists, 5/8” or ¾” floor sheathing

We offer custom painting and custom ordering services at the same retail prices as our buildings on location. 

Yes.  We offer multiple options for lease (rent)-to-own, traditional financing, and 90-days same as cash.

Delivery is Free within a 50-mile radius of our location and limited to sites with clear access that allow us to place the building using only the House of Stars trailer and truck. We do have specialized equipment for more challenging deliveries for a modest fee.

Weather permitting, we can deliver your building in two to three days. Custom order buildings can be designed and delivered within two weeks. You will want to be sure the ground is dry enough for the weight of our truck, trailer, and your building without getting stuck!

Our team of professionals delivers the building with a heavy duty 4 X 4 drive pickup dual axel pickup truck and specially designed trailer with hydraulic tilting capabilities. The building is positioned with the truck and trailer, then lowered into place off the rear of the trailer.

We’ll need a space two feet wider than your building to maneuver the building into place.

We also have specialized equipment for tough to reach spots.  Ask your representation about a free site inspection if you have concerns about accessing your building’s desired location.

We level all our buildings at installation at no cost.  We use specially designed jacks to raise the building and 2”, 4”, and occasionally 8” concrete blocks to ensure that your building is level.

Tie-down or anchoring is an important safety consideration for all buildings and any building that requires blocking higher that 24.”  Anchoring is installed at the time of delivery and available at an additional cost. Many areas require anchoring to pass final inspection when a permit is required.

Typically, you will need a permit in North Carolina for any building greater than 12’ on any side.

In Virginia, the rule is any building over 256 square feet requires a permit.

Check with your local inspection and zoning office to be certain of your local guidelines.

We recommend two vents to be installed in each building (one vent in each gable). Two vents are standard in all our buildings.

We offer additional floor joist options and Advantech Flooring for an additional charge.

Yes, we can install a variety of door styles for an additional charge.

Yes. We can install most any type window at an additional charge.

We use mobile home type aluminum windows.

Yes. Anyone can benefit from our Paid-In-Full at the time of purchase discount on our storage buildings, including special order buildings.  However, military veterans, first responders, and educators can take advantage of these discounts regardless of their financing choice.